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DSS V1.63

Dcat Screen Saver is a Freeware screen saver which allows you to use your own images and audio. The Screen Saver supports MP3, Wave and Module audio files. There is a total of 81 transitional effects available, which can be used to create a smaller list of effects. Images and the Transition effects can be shown in alphabetical order, list order, your own list order and your own list randomly or with no transitions at all. Besides Dcat Screen Saver being a traditional screen saver, it can also be run in a window. This allows the screen saver to be viewed whilst using the computer or just used as a standard screen saver. Dcat Screen Saver also has the ability to shut down the computer after a set amount of time. The Screen Saver can also be sent to the traybar when no longer required. The last image displayed can be set as the wallpaper. The Audio can be tweaked several ways for best effect.

What's new :

The latest version of Dcat Screen Saver fixes compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and has some minor code improvements. This version (1.63) now runs on all Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows 7 including both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions (XP, Vista and Windows 7)

The Last Version :
The last version (1.61) fixes a few bugs and allows the Audio Player to be run from the Start/Programs menu. This means that Dcat Screen Saver's Audio Player can be used like a stand alone audio player. The audio directories still have to be set from the Settings window.

Full install. This will install all the required files. (recommended)
A - Download Dcat Screen Saver 6731 kb

Windows with MSI 2.0 engine installed. ie Windows XP/ Vista or Windows 7
B - Download Dcat Screen Saver 3354 kb

Windows with pervious version (1.50 or higher) of Dcat Screen Saver Installed or
Windows MSI 2.0 engine installed and Visual Basic 6 runtime Module.

C - Download Dcat Screen Saver 2675 kb

Please uninstall Dcat Screen Saver if it is v1.41 or lower before installing this version.
v1.50 or higher will be uninstalled automatically.



Install Packages Dcat Screen Saver has two install packages available. Package A will install all required files, being the Screen Saver program, the Visual Basic 6 runtime module and the Microsoft Installer engine.
Package B will install the Screen Saver program and the VB runtime module.
Note: that only file versions later than the versions on the target system will be installed.

Compatibility Dcat Screen Saver should run on the Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems.
Windows NT requires Service Pack 6.
Internet Explorer 5 or higher.

Visual Basic Runtime Dcat Screen Saver is Coded in Visual Basic 6 and requires the VB runtime module to be installed on the target system. This module will be installed by the Dcat SS installer if required. The module can also be downloaded from here for use with earlier versions of Dcat Screen Saver which did not include the Module.

Microsoft Installer Engine (MSI) Dcat Screen Saver is installed by the Install Shield program which uses the MSI 2.0 engine. The MSI engine ships with Windows XP. DSS Package A will install the MSI engine if required. The MSI engine may be downloaded from here and installed. DSS Package B can then be installed which does the same as if Package A was used.

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